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About Me


Hi! My name is Viviane and I like to say I am a true carioca - a nickname for all who are born by the waters and mountains of Rio de Janeiro.


My interior design approach is rooted in the vibrancy and beauty of my hometown. I completed my Masters of Arts in Interior Design at Marymount University, where I focused on being bold, translating my vision into my designs, and putting my passion for color on paper.


I am currently an Interior Designer I at Perkins Will - Washington, DC, where I assist Senior Designers at a wide range of project typologies. I have worked on Healthcare, Commercial Offices and Science and Technology projects being part of Schematic Design through Construction Documents.

View from the south façade - communal tables with wheels for more flexibility. The tables

At Marymount I served as a graduate assistant and teacher's assistant. As a GA, I was responsible for organizing and coordinating student shows and events. I also developed CIDA (Council for Interior Design Accreditation) reports, managed the School of Arts and Design supplies, conducted administrative tasks, and assisted professors as needed. As a TA, I helped with organization, evaluation, and critique in foundational studio classes.


Prior to pursuing a career in interior design, I spent 18 successful years as a helicopter pilot. As a pilot, I honed critical skills in organization, time management, creative dexterity, responsibility, and leadership. I have had ample opportunity to apply these skills to my coursework and jobs at Marymount, where I graduated with a 4.0 cumulative GPA. 


I speak fluent Portuguese and English, and have a good knowledge of Spanish and German.  I have a goal of learning French and I love traveling, meeting new people, watching movies and - as a good carioca - going to the beach.

Want to know more about me? 

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