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Spring 2021

The University of Amazonia, Brazil in order to bring awareness to the fires and rampant deforestation in the Amazon Forest, celebrates Pau-Amarelo - the most endangered tree at risk of extinction, eternalizing it in the form of a lighting system that carries its name and displays jerseys and mascots of the sports team of the University.


The system includes a ceiling-mounted fixture that brings a feeling that the tree is live in the middle of the room, a round structure mimicking the treetop, pendant luminaires mimicking tree leaves, and shelves connected to a round rack.


The shelves have a glare shield, and the jerseys are illuminated by a LED tape that is located under the shelves. The system also has a unique feature: each tree has one pendant that is equipped with a motion sensor that projects animals at risk of extinction on the floor, bringing attention not only to the flora but to the fauna as well.

About the competition: Robert Bruce Thompson Lighting Competition is an independent student design competition for the purpose of promoting education and awareness of light fixture design.

2021 design challenge was to design a luminaire to illuminate circular racks that displays the school’s sports team jerseys.


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